Science Shelf Blog, Pi Day 2018 edition

At the Science Shelf, our favorite dessert is pi. So although it is a week past Pi Day 2018, we offer these recently released book treats to our readers (along with my picture in my Pi Day bowtie). I archive my book reviews at my Science Shelf website, so you may want to visit there … Read more

Science Shelf Blog, January 2018

These regular blog posts are for educated but non-expert readers who love science. For many years, I regularly sold freelance book reviews to major metropolitan newspapers. Over the past few years, the market for such reviews dried up, but I did not want to leave the field entirely. Fortunately, publishers still send me their catalogs … Read more

For Science History Buffs: Blood Work by Holly Tucker

A slightly edited version of this review appeared in the Dallas Morning News.

Blood Work: A Tale of Medicine and Murder in the Scientific Revolution
by Holly Tucker
(Norton, March 2011, $25.95, 288 pages)

Reviewed by Dr. Fred Bortz
Copyright 2011 by Alfred B. Bortz.

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