About Fred Bortz

Fred Bortz is one of the nation’s leading writers of science and technology for young people. In his books, articles, and personal appearances, he shares with his audience the joy of discovery that fueled his previous twenty-five year career in teaching and research in physics, engineering, and science education. From 1979 through 1994, he was involved in research at Carnegie Mellon University, from which he earned his doctorate in Physics in 1971.

Reviewers have commended Fred’s books for their clarity, energy, and high interest level. Few children’s writers have achieved his combination of subject-matter expertise, story-telling skills, and enthusiasm for knowledge.

Speaking of reviewers, Fred has become a pretty good one if he does say so himself. His byline has appeared on the book review pages of the Dallas Morning News, the Cleveland Plain Dealer, the Seattle Times, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, the Philadelphia Inquirer, and other major newspapers, where readers have appreciated his insights into books on science and technology — and occasionally on other topics — for adults who are fascinated by the latest developments and love a good book.

Fred is also known as an excellent if occasional teacher of writing and science. He was an instructor for the Institute of Children’s Literature’s correspondence courses for ten years, taught a workshop in writing about nature, science, and technology as part of master’s degree program at Chatham College (now Chatham University), and has taught courses in Astrobiology and the history of physics in the 20th century for the University of Pittsburgh’s Osher Lifelong Learning Institute. His writing students have been published in a number of children’s magazines, and at least three have published books.

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