Lamarck’s Revenge Mini-Review

Because of some complications of cataract surgery, I have been neglecting this blog. I hope this marks the beginning of more regular postings. I will soon be adding some science book roundups, but I want to start with a brief review of a book that caught my attention when it appeared late last year. As … Read more

Year-end gift ideas, books about Earth and life science and evolution

As promised in my last blog, I am returning with a few suggestions of recent science books that are suitable for gift-giving. I haven’t read these in detail, but they are published by reputable publishers and written by credible authors. This is the first of several postings, organized by subject area. In this case, we … Read more

Science Shelf reviews will return soon

For readers who appreciate my reviews of popular science books, I apologize for my long hiatus from posting. I had cataract surgery in August and had complications that have made reading books difficult. I have finally dealt with those complications to the point that I am beginning to catch up with a stack of books. … Read more