Unique School Visit Programming

If your school regularly invites visiting authors, or even if it doesn’t, here’s an opportunity too good to be passed up.

Instead of inviting a fiction writer, consider having a scientist who writes true stories.

Because of the science and technology content, you might even get local industry to pick up the tab!

I’ve been blogging here long enough that I’ve developed a following, and, believe me, I am grateful about that.

But only in the last few days did it hit me that perhaps some of my blog readers would like me to share the true stories that my books for young readers are best known for in person with your children.

Click here to discover my school visits that include talks called “Our Next Planet: Why, When, and How People Will Settle Another World” and “The Truth About Space Aliens.”

I am currently having an e-mail discussion about a possible visit to Jonesboro AR next spring, which means I may be particularly interested in scheduling additional days at schools between Memphis and Little Rock at that time.

If you are interested, click the links above for more information. I would be glad to greet your children with a rousing, “Hello-o-o-o-o, Earthlings!” and to encourage them to follow their questions.