Parallel universes: What’s it mean?

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If you want to know my view of parallel universes, start with my review of The Grand Design by Stephen Hawking and Leonard Mlodinow and follow links from there.


A quick question for a lazy Saturday afternoon. This article says mathematicians have found strong evidence that parallel universes exist, in which all possible outcomes coexist in separate universes. ” A motorist who has a near miss, for instance, might feel relieved at his lucky escape. But in a parallel universe, another version of the same driver will have been killed. Yet another universe will see the motorist recover after treatment in hospital. The number of alternative scenarios is endless.”

At the risk of posing a “Can God create a stone so heavy even He can’t lift it?” type question, does this also mean that universes exist in which this same research was conducted and found to conclusively show that parallel universes do not exist? I’m hoping the Fred Bortz’s of the world will chime in.

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  1. Of course there could be a universe where such a result exists – but if in fact the result is contrary to what exists, then the experiments would be in error. On the other hand, it’s also possible that we are in error. We can, as a matter of fact, do an experiment in our own universe that finds other universes not existing.

  2. I look at most situations in tersm of positive, neutral and negative decisions. In parallel universes, each will be a factor in what happens next. The thing to keep in mind is that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. So even as a version of reality “kicks off” from our own, that kick off still sends further ripples back into our reality. The seperate realities are still somehow shared. Maybe as a result of multi-dimensional sharing of matter. So what I am basically saying is that maybe 1/10 or less of the decisions that affect what happens in our reality, may be the result of an echo of something going on in a different parralel reality.

    Where I am really going with this is to say, that if someone designed all this and put it together, in essence the different parallel universe are all still parts to one machine. And even though each person in each universe can’t see what is going on in the other universes, every causality that occurs in each universe is part of the causality of what happens to all of the universes, and that causality further shapes new causalities simulataneously in all of the universes.

    The best way I can think of illustrating this is to imagine a steam engine train on top of a hill. If you just applied the engine enough to push it forward and then killed the engine, the train will start down hill. If every part on the train is a universe, then as gravity takes over, the weight of the train pulls it further forward, the parts all move with some resistance, then the train pulls a little more, and the parts move with less resistance, and so on, until the train’s weight and the movement of the parts become smooth and continue to speed up down the hill. The thing is, the whole moved the parts, then the parts all have to move to allow the whole to continue to move, which allows the whole to move, which causes the parts to move again..and so on, ad nauseum..

    Each part is a part unto itself. It turns, the whole moves, it turns, the whole moves..0n and on.. But further more.. A part turns, the part next to it turns, every other part turns, the whole moves. The whole moves additionally, the part moves, the part next to it moves, every other part moves. Every part moves additionally, the whole moves, the whoe moves addtionally, every part nauseum.

    As a result, every parallel world is part of a meta-verse (Thank you DC Comics). Something happens on a world, the meta-verse starts to map the future existance of that world and split off the new parallel worlds. Then the meta-verse starts to map the future existance of those worlds..individually, and in relation to other existing realities.

    Why? Because even though there is an infinite amount of choices, there may not be an infinite amount of space for parallel worlds. So occasionally room has to be made and lesser realities collapse into more important ones, and as long as it can, all routes may be mapped to make the most efficient use of the dimensional spaces that exist.

    Since this efficient mapping is done by using “available space”. It is in essence going to have to be shaped by what is taking up that space. In essence, when one reality changes, to some extent they all change in order to maintain proper usage of meta-universal space.

    This is often how I picture all matter and movement in the universe. And now, its how I also picture all of the decisions in each of the parallel universes.

  3. Many philosophers and scientists say that dynamic / patterning emptiness is reality. You could not have multiplications of emptiness so therefore there can only be one dynamic vacuum and not many. You cannot multiply void.

    Just another way of looking at this 🙂

  4. Multiple “Realities” DO Exist:: This is higher lost knowledge, to him that has discretion and wisdom let him grasps this rod of knowledge:

    It has been firmly established that all “visible” matter is energy, thus all the entire “visible” universe is energy – FACT!

    The Double Slit Experiment confirms that all particles of matter are in fact infinite waves of energy and that energy exist and is an “inseparable” part of the whole ocean of energy.

    These infinite waves collapse upon “observation” to form “observable energy” (what we call matter).

    The problem is that you and I “the conscience observer” are actually collapsed waves, collapsing other waves by our “conscience” observation.

    We are unaware that we are in a vast ocean of pure uncollapsed energy, because we can only observe collapsed observable energy.

    In essense we are pure conscienceness within collapsed energy by lower concience observation we are only aware of collapsed energy that we can observe.

    So the higher thinking is this, “reality” is NOT “reality” but a combination of the conciencness of the observer and observed collapsed energy from an vast ocean of uncollapsed energy.

    So the “multiple realities experiment would be this”….if you as an concience observer can move through this vast ocean of energy not bound by any lower physical laws, you would become aware of other “realities” by simply observing collapsed energy and the matter and people and worlds.

    From the vantage point of the lower concience observer collapsed in local energy trapped by the laws of physics, there is only one reality. From the vantage point of a higher concience observer free from collapsed engery and lower laws of physics, all realities exist as a vast ocean at one with itself.

  5. the fact that these universes exist is based on the various and diverse karmic reactions manifested by our previous actions. the space time continuum proves this theory. Depending on our actions we will produce precise mathematical eventualites resulting in our fate….or more dramatic…our destiny.

    The universe operates with supreme precision, there are no mistakes no coincidental circumstances.

  6. It’s a neat idea, but I don’t think it’s possible. The universe doesn’t have an infinite amount of energy, it recycles. In order to create these paralell planes, there would need to be an exponentially growing amount of energy to coincide with the creation of each new parallel plane. I think the idea of a parallel plane would be feasible but not in this sense, more in a sense of, each person has a limited number of choices given to them in any given situation. Example, someone asks me if I would like a coffee. My options are yes or no, not matter how you word it, either I accept the coffee or decline it. In this theory, you can have multiple parallel planes, coinciding with one another, yet completely unique all on it’s own.

  7. i like to think of the universes as infinite universes. The basis would be chance and the outcomes for every choice. There are infinite universes representing every possible choice that one has ever come across or could physically come across.
    In this universe you are reading this. Would you in another? would i have written this in another. Its all based on the decisions we make and the possible outcomes thats why there must be other infinite universes. I like to think of the universe as a single atom. making up a greater whole. each choice we make makes the universe split with opposing choices. kinda like when mitosis happens. splitting and being able to split again. we are in a bath of infinite universes.

  8. I have been gifted with premonitions at a very early age, and the knowledge of how to tune into time as we basically know it. In turn it gives me the ability to accurately vision the future, anywhere for moments before an event to months / years later. My abilities range in other ways, but premonitions is my best characteristic. Although I have become somewhat used to what I am capable of, there are times where I still find it to be an amazing gift. I have met a ton of people throughout the years who are equally in tune, to others who are really amazing. Either way, I am the only person I am aware of who has experienced what took place on a few occasions, over 20 years ago. What makes it even more unique is that two of those times I happend to have a witness who viewed what I had the seen. Another thing that I could say is that the witnesses were non believers in the so called the supernatural / the unexplainable etc. What and how I can explain took place is this; we viewed a car skid out of control and head for a tree. Being within 50′ we both watched as the car hit the tree, as the rear of the car raised up, the windshield smash, and the hood of the car bend in half, all from the impact. We quickly ran toward the vehicle in order to help the accident victim, but by the time we took a few long strides, I stopped running. By this time I was in total shock of what I just witnessed. The person with me stopped for what I felt was the same thing, because he kept repeating that he was in total disbelief. At this point he wanted me to tell him what I saw, but felt it more important for him to tell me, because I wanted the verification, which he did do. I know what I saw, and I know he did also. There was no doubt what took place back on that day, and now years later there still is no doubt. My recollection is as vivid today as it was that day, years ago. I havent seen the other person in over 20 years, but I am sure that he has not forgotten that day either. The bottom line is that there is most certainly a Parallel Universe, and not because I have read about it, but have experienced it all without the useage of drugs. Just recently I have tried to write some experts on the field, but have yet to receive interest in return, but I know that day will come.

  9. My personal opinion, (and ive taken a lot of time thinking deep and wandering through every possible explination to find answers, and this is my conclusion at this point in time of my life [[things are always chaning, so my opinion might]]) but for right now, this is what ive come to: nothing exists but the mind, nohing exists but you. were a creation of our minds. we are all consciousness energy that has singled itself out into an infinite amount of single seperate entities/souls/’existances. each person is like a seperate exististance which holds an infinite amount of realities within dimensions that make up your existance. and your soul which is your existance which is your mind is the sumation of all your possible outcomes to all of your incarnated lives within these dimensions and realities, which make up YOU. time does not exist, it is an illusion. but there is a dimension of time (4th) in which the past present and future are all happening all at once. everything regarding you always has been, and always will be. everything is pre destined, but were stuck in a certain perception of reality for some reason. a question one might ask to pose an argument might be: “well, if im the only thing existing, then how come you can think, and are here and etc”. well, imagine a neat stack of papers on top of a table. If you look at the papers from the top of the stack, you only see one paper. but if you look at the stack from the side, you see all the papers. once weve been seperated, its like our energy overlapped each other. and thats how were exising together, but yet, seperatley. we all need each other. its like a puzzle each of us are puzzle pieces that make up one picture. and within each of us puzzle pieces lie an infinite amount of our own mini puzzles, that only involve ourselves. for example, within my realities looking at them seperately, my friends wouldnt be existing there. example: lets look at this like timelines. lets say that in my timeline, im born, and i go to Lakeview High School. Thats it. And then in someone elses timeline, theyre born, and they go to Lakeview High School. So then our paths cross, and we meet, and we become best friends. thats what i mean when we all need each other. we all need the other pieces to complete the puzzle. but heres the big bang ending: none of us are really existing, were all an imagination of ourselves and our only existing within our minds. its as if were holograms, we’re not really here. and nothing matters.

    it sounds really shitty, when i try to explain it in words. it gets much more detailed that this^^^^^, but this is just an outine. I have charts that ive drawn and and thuroughly thought out, and ive taken so much time analyzing the concept in my head and i can explain it amazingly. 🙂 but i cant fucking write it. :/

  10. Wow, you remind me of myself. I’ve done similar exercises with this, and arrived at similar conclusions. This model of reality works because it does not cause a “causality paradox.” Really, I think it makes great sense, but it’s pretty rough to explain to somebody who can’t wrap their mind around a static reality. It’s true that you’ve left some things out (how could one not?), but I have no doubt that you’ve considered the majority of the loose ends since you’ve accurately portrayed the main concept. It’s rather odd, but I feel that I can assume a lot about your personality just from the way you’ve articulated yourself. You are a deep thinker. I sometimes feel like I’m the only one who cares about these things. It’s very uplifting to meet someone who similarly wrestles with concepts that the majority of others would consider to be a waste of time. Kudos to you!

    By the way, is this theory of reality closely correlated with standard quantum theory? I’ve often wondered just what the “parallel worlds” theory entails, but I haven’t had the time to investigate. I’ve mulled it over and come to essentially the same conclusions that you have, but I’ve wondered whether this is a unique perspective, or if it’s standard in the specialized scientific circles?

    I have yet to formulate any notion of how we might use this idea to make testable predictions, and I’m wondering if that’s because I just don’t know anything about quantum mechanics, or if the professionals are completely lost as well? Of course, that’s assuming that THIS notion of parallel worlds IS what the scientists believe in. For instance: Do they also believe that time is nothing more than a perception? Do they believe that reality is essentially a “possibility space” where all possibilities exist in parallel, and the only reason we (all infinity of us) “experience” the world as changing is because we hold representations in our minds of previous “states”? Is there structure to this reality? Absolute or relational? With regards to entropy? Is it possible to trace a line from any “frame” to any other “frame”, such that individuals within the ending frame hold representations in their heads of all the intermediate frames? How about tracing “back” through time? Are there “selves” that hold memories of “future” events in a purely inverted fashion? These are questions that I have difficulty resolving. If it is indeed a “possibility space,” then everything that CAN be represented MUST exist in a fashion, and who is to say what “REAL” existence means? What does it even mean to say that something “CAN be represented?” Are there limits to this? Can “nothing” be represented, or is it just a lack of representation? Ultimately this asks: Is it POSSIBLE for something to NOT exist? I would have to say no… though I can’t quite explain why that is…

    I just don’t know. But I do know that this view makes a hell of a lot more sense to me that trying to resolve the causality paradox! Lol. Anyway, sorry I think I started rambling there. . . Thanks for your great post! You are a kindred spirit!

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