New Facebook Page To Move Kids from Facts to Questions

Fred Bortz, a noted author of books about science and technology for young readers, has launched a new Facebook page he calls SciFact Central that uses “fun” facts about science to inspire children and teens to follow their questions.

The page describes SciFact Central in this way: “This is your site to discover fun facts about science, technology, and the people of science and technology. New facts posted daily, Monday through Friday.” It also notes: “Science facts are fun, and they can be a starting point for more learning. That’s the goal of SciFact Central: to share fun facts that lead to QUESTIONS and KNOWLEDGE!”

The site opened today, May 7, 2012, with a fact about the surface temperature of Venus. “Dr. Fred” added several comments to provoke further learning. He invites readers to add their comments or to send him Facebook Messages with their own favorite science facts, which he may choose to use with acknowledgment (unless the sender prefers to remain anonymous). He plans to feature Space and Astronomy every Monday and People of Science and Technology every Friday. The other days will be open for a wide range of facts, tidbits, and occasional jokes.

Those of you who are active Facebook users, please “like” SciFact Central and recommend it to your friends, especially those involved in teaching or raising young scientists.