James Webb Space Telescope on Chopping Block

URGENT from Heidi Hammel: “The House Commerce, Justice, and Science Appropriations Subcommittee has proposed termination of the James Webb Space Telescope. Now is the time to contact your representatives in Washington, as well as members of the Appropriations Subcommittees, if you support JWST.”

I am about to call my congressman and tell him that of all the proposed cuts, this is probably the most short-sighted.

If you have youngsters in your home, I suggest that you have them with you when you call. Show them how to exercise your right to speak to the government for something that will benefit them.

They might also want to see what I wrote about the JWST in my most recent book Seven Wonders of Space Technology

5 thoughts on “James Webb Space Telescope on Chopping Block”

  1. Actually, I was misremembering the details of my chapter on the Great Observatories. I probably included something about the JWST in the first draft, but the revision process focused the chapter on the past “wonders.” Nevertheless, my recommendation for urgent calls to congress on behalf of JWST stands..

  2. If you knew of the incompetent managers who have run JWST into the ground, while lazily taking home nice paychecks, you might really change your tune. This is from someone who is working now on JWST! You can not begin to comprehend the waste and utter stupidity. This us from one passionate for science. Please don’t cut science budgets, but JWST should be put out of its misery, and hopefully these crooks at the contractors lose their jobs. Many should be prosecuted fired for defrauding the US taxpayer. Sound cliche? If you knew the real JWST you’d really drop your jaw…

    Sorry, but the House is right. Bury her, now…

  3. CDR–If you want to blow the whistle on certain incompetent or even criminal managers, there are laws to protect you. But please don’t abet their incompetence or fraud by advocating the end of this very important project for science.

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