It’s nice to be noticed – even in Florence AL

As a science writer, I am always pleased when someone notices my work and recommends it.

That was the case today when a writer for the Times Daily newspaper in Northwestern Alabama named Bernie Delinski used and cited my web page about Pluto’s change in status in his weekly “Just Ask” column.

I e-mailed Bernie to say thanks and to give him some additional information that ScienceBlog readers might also appreciate:

Your readers might also be interested in learning about NASA’s New Horizons mission, which will explore the Kuiper Belt beginning with Pluto and its moons in 2015. It was launched only months before Pluto was, as you put it, “Plutoed,” and it is now well on its way to the KB, having passed Jupiter where its instruments were successfully tested. In my next book for young readers, Seven Wonders of Space Technology (Lerner, 2011) which will probably be available late this year, I devote a chapter to the New Horizons mission and its “wonder”-ful instruments. That book is in the same series as my recently published Seven Wonders of Exploration Technology.

Fred Bortz