The Truth About Space Aliens

For my school visits and public lectures this coming academic year, I have added a talk called “The Truth About Space Aliens.”

It is based on my new middle-grade book called Astrobiology, which is now available.

When traveling, I’m also more than happy to add a library or university lecture about the history of Physics in the 20th century as seen through the lives of the ten outstanding physicists who are profiled in my other new book, Physics: Decade by Decade. That book is written for high school age and adults.

5 thoughts on “The Truth About Space Aliens”

  1. NOOB, your absurd post brought attention to my real one. So I thank you for it.

    Astrobiology is a real and exciting science about life in the universe. That’s why Lerner published my book in the “Cool Science” series for young readers.

    It includes such questions as whether Mars ever supported or presently supports bacterial life and projects such as SETI, the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence.

    Fred Bortz — Science and technology books for young readers ( and Science book reviews (

  2. your are the stupid one, put down the TV remote and look at the sky. In our galaxy alone there are thousands of stars, many of which have planets orbiting them, again, many of which are very capable of supporting life, and DO! look at the moon, we’ve found water, in which itself is and contains life. you are true retarded if you can see that, the sad thing is, as retarded as you all are, you know there is a possibility of life other than earth, but you are afraid of knowing it because that means your life as you know it has to and will change. Have fun being foolish and ignorant because you will be the last to hear of it when we do find them, or they find us…..

    peace out loser

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